Barker Mansion: The Magnum Opus in La Porte

La Porte is an amazing city, located in Indiana, the United States, which houses numerous places of interest to the local population and the tourists. It is a land of wonderful memorials and other places which attract various people from the country and abroad. This city is famous for its food, shrines, beaches and what not? If you ever get to go to La Porte, consider yourself very fortunate and don’t miss the Barker Mansion. You won’t regret encountering the stimulating walnut table, winged children, lions, and cherubs. You won’t be able to stop admiring the excellent ancestral artifacts and library collections hanging around the main hall.

The very ancient and symbolic Barker Mansion was built in the year 1857 as the residence of multi-millionaire, industrialist and business tycoon, John H. Barker. As soon as the 38 room structure was built, Mr. and Mrs. Barker died. After the very unfortunate demise of Mr. and Mrs. Barker, the Barker Mansion was passed on to Catherine. Catherine was their only child who turned out to be a philanthropist and donated the Barker Mansion to the mayor of the Michigan City. The Barker Mansion is now open for public concerts and tours. This amazing hall showcases some sporadic wood pieces, tapestries, paintings and various other pieces of art. The gorgeous furnishing and woodwork were all imported from Eastern Europe and the architecture reflects the Victorian Era. The theme of the Barker banquet is the very typical gothic style. The giant hall is lit by luxuriant and precious 4 foot wide chandeliers.

The Barker Mansion is the most elegant and graceful banquet, located in the heart of the Michigan City, also the much chic and sophisticated hall to dinning in and conduct concerts. The catering services are available for a total for 300 guests and the hall can accommodate a total of 450 guests in case of events. The food is top notch and the variety is something you would have never seen before. The elegance of this place is what makes it top the charts among other places in La Porte.
The living area of the Barker Mansion highlights a huge piece of marble. The piece of marble is a hand carved fireplace. The entrance hall of the mansion has beautifully carved limestone fireplace and silver-bronze torches. Intriguing and captivating art pieces such as the walnut table, winged children, lions, cherubs etc are beyond any praise. One can’t rave more about the garlands, ancestral artifacts, portraits, and library collections hanging around the mansion. Most of the artifacts belong to the Barker family. All these portraits, library collections and art pieces that we are talking about are all from the Barker family. These family portraits are lavish pieces of art that are fabulously magnanimous.

Visiting the magnificent La Porte city during the holiday season is considered a thing of great wisdom and fortune. During the Christmas season, all the floors of the Barker Mansion are decorated like the Victorian Era which is a splendid sight for anyone to see.

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