La Porte: The Best Places to Dine in

La Porte, an amazing city located in Indiana, United States has one of the best dining and nightlife in all of Michigan. If you are lucky enough to visit La Porte, then you should definitely get your hands on the multi-cuisine specialty of the state. From exotic pancakes to splendid espresso bars and the infamous burgers, everything is set to mesmerize you with all the might. To help and guide you through the way, below are some of the best places in La Porte to dine in:

  1. Barker Hall Community Center: The most sophisticated banquet, located in the very core of Michigan, Barker Hall Community Center is the most elegant and graceful place to dine in. The theme is the very typical Gothic style and the Great Hall is illuminated by breathtakingly beautiful 4 foot wide chandeliers. The catering services are available for a total for 300 guests and the hall can accommodate a total of 450 guests in case of events. The food is top notch and the variety is something you would have never seen before. The elegance of this place is what makes it top the charts.
  2. Aurelio’s Pizza: Aurelio’s make the best pizzas in La Porte. The aura is absolutely family friendly and amazing food such as pizzas, salads and kinds of pasta are available. They also have huge banquet hall for the purpose of events and concerts. The dining room is elegantly built and the services provided are the world class.
  3. Della Nonna: The owner of Della Nona, Lynne Budig is an innovative cookie baker whose recipes are inventive and amazing. She combines her recipes with her Nanny’s recipes and provides the customers with freshly baked traditional cookies like Biscotti, Chocó Chunks, Pizelles, Diabetic Cookies and Cheese Cookies.
  4. Albano’s Villa: This family owned dinner hall has some amazing pasta, salad and tacos to offer to its valued customers. The atmosphere is completely family friendly. This ancient restaurant is a perfect example of ‘food and fun go hand in hand’. La Porte has so much to give to its people and Albano’s Villa is one such valued asset.
  5. Bubbles Ice Cream Parlor and Pie Shoppe: Owned and run by the Martin family, bubbles ice cream parlor and pie Shoppe is Michigan’s oldest Award winning ice cream parlor. La Porte has some supreme hormone free ice cream in store for you. Stop by Bubbles Ice Cream Parlor and Pie Shoppe and experience the class and the very fine taste of their ice creams and pies.
  6. William B’s Steakhouse: Food is an art, and a true food artist knows how to present his artistry. For an extremely cozy, tranquil and calm dining experience, visit William B’s Steakhouse. This large, elegant and sophisticated dining hall offers multi-cuisine. The services are superlative and better than any other place nearby. This place is perfect for candlelight dinners and other occasions. They have a huge variety of desserts and liquor.

These were some of the best places in La Porte where you must go once if you happen to visit the amazing city of La Porte. Happy Dining!

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