Things to do in a La Porte County

Being a great destination for tourists, there is no dearth of things to do in La Porte County. Visitors get to choose from a wide range of activities and attractions in this small yet captivating location. From sports to history to nightlife to wildlife, La Porte keeps a visitor busy the entire time of his or her visit.

  • ATTRACTIONS— There are a number of worthwhile attractions in La Porte County. The Trail Creek is a fabulous example of Mother Nature’s creativity. The Washington Park and Zoo give you an engaging time with the wildlife. The Barker Mansion symbolizes the history and value of the County. Michiana shore beaches provide you a tranquil view of nature. There are a number of casinos in Michigan City, La Porte city and other towns where one can enjoy a night of gaming.
  • DINING AND NIGHTLIFE—With many breweries providing world’s best beers and a number of small yet exclusive restaurants and casinos this county gives a night adventurer many things to look forward to. 
  • ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT—LA Porte gives a grand experience to art lovers with a wide range of theatres giving you distinct versions of the performing arts. The 49er drive in theatre gives you a great experience of watching a movie under the stars. The acting theatre of Michigan City serves grand productions all year long and has a unique 75 seating system increasing the proximity between the performers and the audience. The footlight theatre is a unique group of artists presenting to you different concerts all year long. There are many other theatres and contemporary art galleries in the County which an art lover can look forward to.
  • SHOPPING—Shopping in this County can be a very exciting experience. They have a distinct blend of antique collection from historic periods as well as the new age collection. Shoppers of all kinds will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of accessories that the county has to offer.
  • SPORTS—the County is filled with multiple golf courses and parks where there are various sports activities to pursue. Sports lovers will never be disappointed visiting this County. Beaches have playgrounds and volleyball courts. Baseball is a popular sport and Michigan City has a baseball team of its own. Fishing and boating are common activities in La Porte with chartered boats available abundantly in the county.
  • HISTORY AND CULTURE—Being a historical place the administration has successfully preserved the history and culture of the County. Barker’s mansion is a place of great historical significance and consists of old and antique furniture, paintings and books. The old lighthouse museum is a great place to go and learn about the nautical history of the county. The La Porte county historical society museum houses more than 80,000 items. From old firearms to automobiles to family heirlooms, this museum preserves and displays the county’s culture and history magnanimously.
  • ORCHARDS, FARMS AND GARDENS—the County has beautiful orchards and gardens where one can pick blueberries and apples to their heart’s content. The yellow corn farm mazes are a great sight to watch and are found in abundance.

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