Travel and Tourism in La Porte County

LA Porte County is situated in the state of Indiana in the United States of America. It has a relatively small population and the largest city in the county is Michigan City.  A captivating destination for all travelers and adventurers, this county offers a variety of options to all tourists. From beaches to lakes to museums this place has it all. A tourist’s paradise if one may call it so La Porte country promises to be a treat for tourists and travelers.

  • MICHIGAN CITY— A priority for visitors, Michigan City offers a wide array of places to visit and activities for travelers with varied tastes. For history lovers, Michigan City boasts of the Lubeznik center for the arts which is an exemplary showcase of the contemporary arts. The city also has the old Lighthouse Museum which has preserved the nautical history of the city. The Barker Mansion serves as a tribute to the various philanthropic activities of the Barker family and the mansion has a wide collection of old furniture, books, and paintings. For sports lovers, there is the Michigan City municipal golf course and the long beach country club which gives the opportunity for various sports activities. Chartered boats are also available for sailors and lovers of the sea. Another very attractive destination is the Washington Park and Zoo. It has several interesting activities such as swimming, bird watching, hiking, ice skating and a year-round festival and events.
  • LA PORTE— La Porte is a city in the La Porte County. It is known for its historical significance. The city houses the La Porte Little Theatre club which was founded in 1925 and is one of the longest running live theater groups in the United States of America. It also has a number of beautiful parks with colorful orchards which allow a peaceful and quiet time. There are also a number of lakes and beaches with volleyball courts and playgrounds. People with the interest in golf will not be disappointed as there are three major golf courses in the city.
  • LONG BEACH— Long Beach is a town of the La Porte County located on the southeast shore of the Michigan Lake. It is a town with a very small population and is a favorite with people who love a quiet and peaceful time along the beaches of Michigan Lake. The town also has golf courses for some sports and recreations.
  • WESTVILLE— Westville is another town in the county of La Porte. It is a fairly peaceful town for visitors who like it that way. The numerous parks in the town give an opportunity to visitors to recreate and enjoy their time while there.
  • MICHIANA SHORESit is a very popular beach town in the county of La Porte. It’s serene and beautiful beaches attract a lot of tourists and travelers. Viewing the sunset from the shores of Michiana is a treat for nature lovers. Renting places to stay here is very easy as it is a very popular destination. Cycling is a popular sport in this beach town.
  • TRAIL CREEKIt is a historical town in the county of La Porte. The creek which empties into Lake Michigan was used as a trail to the interior of La Porte County. Hence is given the name, Trail Creek.

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