The Exotic La Porte County

La Porte was launched in the year 1832. Abraham P. Andrew was one of the traders of the site. He is known to construct the very first sawmill in the same year. The first settler constructed a cabin to the north of the present Courthouse. Before 1830, the little budding city of La Porte was a division of the Pottawatomie Nation. Land from the Michigan Lake to the Wabash River was Pottawatomie Indians’ property. These were the people who were later removed by the US government. They perished during the journey, an event we known as the March of Death.

With the construction of Federal Land Office in 1833, people started coming to this place in order to procure land from the government. Among these people was Solon Robinson, who was the founder of the Crown Point. By the end of the year 1835, this small settlement had grown quite a lot. The office was later moved in the year 1839. It was later concluded that La Porte should be made into a township. A newspaper agency was initiated in the succeeding year 1836. After 1830, Northwestern Indiana to the western boundaries of the state, were named as St. Joseph County. Later five townships were formed under the orders of the States of Indiana. Two districts towards the west were named as Highland and Michigan and two to the east were collectively a part of present St. Joseph. The central district was named as Descheim, which had La Porte as its part.

Later Aaron Stanton raised his voice to make La Porte an independent county. La Porte became an independent official county on May 1832, consisting of three districts named as Scipio, New Durham and Kankakee.

After it’s formation in the year 1832, La Porte was limited to the boundaries of the present Clinton Township. Thereafter, on January 10, 1850, St. Joseph’s County was dissected into 20 sections from the east. These 20 sections were added to the La Porte County giving it the present boundaries.

Presently La Porte County consists of 21 townships. Kankakee Township contained Union, Wills, Galena, Hudson, Lincoln, Johnson, Pleasant and Washington. The Michigan Road was constructed in 1834. Centre, Springfield and Noble Townships were the parts of the Scipio district. New Durham Township has Michigan, Coolspring and Clinton districts. The Starke County carved out the four remaining townships.

The La Porte County Historical Society Museum is a place where various events and exhibitions are held every year. From Civil War skits to special exhibitions and car exhibitions, everything is there. No one goes home disappointed from this place. The rich history of the La Porte County is reflected in the La Porte County Historical Society Museum.
The La Porte County Historical Society Museum hosted 8th Annual Old Car Show on Saturday, July 25th, where nearly one hundred vintage, exotic cars were put on display for the public to see. Cars that were only 30 years or older were permitted in the exhibition. It was a grand and successful event with public praising the museum and the show.

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