The Historical Background of La Porte

As a country gets older, its history becomes more interesting and worthwhile. History of a country or a place not only reflects its heritage or cultural background, but the main focus is on the degree of influence that the text will have over its readers. The essence and the motive behind the text should be to move the reader. Such is the historical background of La Porte. La Porte is an astonishing city, located in Indiana, the United States, which houses numerous places of interest to the local population and the tourists. It is a land of wonderful memorials and other places which attract various people from the country and abroad. This city is famous for its food, shrines, beaches and what not? This city has a long and mind-blowing history too. Established in July 1832, the very first settler came. This first settler came in the month of October. The very first sawmill was constructed in that same year. Before 1830, all of La Porte was a division of the Pottawatomie Nation. The first settler constructed a cabin to the north of the present Courthouse. With the construction of Federal Land Office in 1833, people started coming to this place to buy land from the government. Among these people was Solon Robinson, who was the founder of the Crown Point. The office was later moved in the year 1839.


By the end of the year 1835, this small settlement had grown quite a lot. It was later decided that La Porte should be made into a township. A newspaper agency was initiated in the succeeding year 1836. In 1842, La Porte Medical School was started. In 1889, Mayo clinic was established by a former graduate of the William Worrall Mayo School. By the end 1852, La Porte had almost as much as 5,000 residents. La Porte started attracting various industries and many other trading activities. It thus started getting converted into an industrial hub and a mega township.

Gradually La Porte became a full-fledged city with various industries and other places of public interests. It now houses various shrines and testaments. The very ancient and symbolic Barker Mansion was built in the year 1857 as the residence of the multi-millionaire, industrialist and business tycoon, John H. Barker. As soon as the 38 room structure was built, Mr. and Mrs. Barker died. After the very unfortunate demise of Mr. and Mrs. Barker, the Barker Mansion was passed on to Catherine. Catherine was their only child who turned out to be a philanthropist and donated the Barker Mansion to the mayor of the Michigan City.

Barker Mansion is the Mangum Opus of the La Porte city. Similarly, La Porte County Historical Museum Society holds a great historical importance. La Porte County was formed in 1832. It touched the boundaries of the present Clinton Township.

Thereafter, on January 10, 1850, St. Joseph’s County was dissected into 20 sections from the east. These 20 sections were added to the La Porte County giving it the present boundaries.

This was an overview of the history of a wonderful city named La Porte. To know more, you have got to see it for yourself and witness the nobility of the city.

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