Top 15 secrets of historical museum of Laporte county

The history of Laporte County is so fascinating that trying to find out the hidden historical secrets by visiting the many historical museums in the county will leave a person breathless. Little facts like the lighthouse in Michigan City is the only working lighthouse in whole of Indiana or that the reason responsible for the numerous communities in the county is the railroad are interesting secrets unknown to any citizens of the county. There are more little secrets that make the history of the county greatly captivating. Many people don’t know that Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train stopped at both towns of Westville and Wanatah.  The Laporte county historical museum which has an astonishing collection of more than 80,000 items also has one of the world’s largest gun collections. The old library in Michigan City has 15 foot high and 100-year-old original tiffany stained glass windows. Visit the many museums in the county and discover interesting secrets.

  • BARKER MANSION– It is an old house of the Barker family built by freight cars. The house has a unique collection of antique furniture old paintings and books. This house is preserved in honor of the Barker family whose contribution towards Philanthropy was enormous.
  • HESSTON STEAM MUSEUM— This museum boasts of a rare collection of steam locomotives of a very old era. They have three different railroads and one being the narrow gauge. The museum has also built miniature versions of vintage locomotives and craftsman trains which run just like the original versions.
  • HOOSIER VALLEY RAILROAD MUSEUM This museum gives anybody above the age of 18 the rare experience of being a railroad engineer for 30 minutes. Anyone can experience running a diesel locomotive under guided supervision.
  • LA PORTE COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM— As mentioned earlier this museum has a huge collection of 80,000 items. Included in those 80,000 items are a collection of antique firearms and Kesling automobile collection.
  • MICHIGAN CITY LIGHTHOUSE AND PIER— This lighthouse was built in 1904 and is the only public operating light house in the state of Indiana. An interesting bit of historical fact associated with it is the ‘catwalk’ or an elevated walkway which was used by the keepers of the lighthouse for 29 years in order to access the light. 
  • OLD LIGHTHOUSE MUSEUM— This very old museum has important information and objects of history. It has an original light station structure from 1858 and interesting history about lakes, shipwrecks and also local history. 
  • WANATAH HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM—- the Wanatah Historical Society Museum has done a sterling job in preserving information about local history and displaying important objects of history. Among their collection are very old photographs which show the history of the Laporte county and the Wanatah area. They also have an old railroad museum for the public which is preserved with great dedication to the rich and colorful history of the area.

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